Rope Ladders

We at Oborn’s make up emergency rope ladders for the aid of exiting out of 2nd storey buildings. These are custom made to order, and vary in length from 3 metres up to 9 metres. We use a wooden rung with tread on the top and splice in a stainless steel clip for easy connection. We supply various anchor point options, depending on your setup.


Emergency Rope ladder



A number of commercial operators have come to us looking for ladders to assist them to safely walk up the side of the canals down in the Mackenzie country, we use a round rung which allows them to lay them up the canal wall with out damaging the liner. These were made in 10 metre lengths with loops spliced into the ends for fixing at the top. We used our 8mm yacht braided rope which is plenty strong enough and makes it easy to handle when storing it away.