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New Product

We are always getting new products in store, but these ‘Loop soft shackles’ have caught our eye and are very cool. Light, strong and easy to use.




Loop Products- LOOP® Shackles can be used everywhere, also at difficult to access locations. They do not cause any damages to deck, hull, superstructure or rig. They do not sink when dropped overboards and they are reasonable prized. KOHLHOFF LOOP® Shackles are available in different diameters and various lengths.
We have the standard size shackles in stock and can also make up Customized sizes on request.
Read more about this new innovative way to attach things. HERE 

New nationally agreed guidelines for choosing and self-servicing inflatable lifejackets

Do you or your crew wear an inflatable life jacket? Are you sure it will inflate if you needed it? Has it been serviced in the last year?
This Maritimenz link is a good read and could be well worth sharing around.


The owner of an aging trailer yacht bought his yacht mast in with damaged sheave boxes. Closer inspection showed it was assembled without any corrosion barrier between the stainless steel fittings and the aluminium mast. The rivets had pulled out through the corroded holes.
Our workshop fabricated up an anodised aluminium sleeve to repair/strengthen up the area and to also give us something to fasten the sheave boxes into.
We see corrosion on many spars which were assembled ‘dry’. Talk to us before doing any DIY rigging and we can suggest the correct products to use. Contact our workshop.

Mast Repair       Mast repair1



Mast sections back in Stock

Aluminium mast and boom sections used for Sunburst, Starling and sailing dinghy’s.
F4 sections 4480mm overall
F5 sections 6000mm overall
We custom build mast plugs to suit each section.

Mast sections


Lake Tekapo foot bridge –

Read all about it here

A local structural steel fabricator contracted us to install the stainless steel balustrade on this bridge.
The bridge was made up in sections and bought into the workshop for threading.
We used over 6000 meters of wire and over 250 swage turnbuckles to tension each bay.

Why Tekapo needed a foot bridge.  video here


Lake Tekapo Foot Bridge