Rope splicing tools

‘Why should you splice your ropes?’

When a Splice is done correctly, this is usually significantly stronger than a knot. The only downside is splicing is fairly permanent and undoing a splice and re-making it takes much more time than doing the same with most knots.


To keep the max strength of the rope, and with careful tapering of the strands, a breaking strain approaching 100% of the rope’s rated strength is possible – especially with the Brummel and Long Bury techniques. The Splicing Modern Ropes : A Practical Handbook – step by step guide. will give you step by step instructions on a lot of the modern ropes and and not so modern laid ropes.

Oborn’s have a full splicing service for all rope types, which include 3 strand, multi plait, single core and double braided ropes. Soft Eye splice, Thimble eye splice, end to end (continuous line) whipping and general rope work is all done inhouse.

Feel free to talk over your splicing needs with Matt in the shop or alternatively we have the products you need for splicing, for sale in the shop for you to ‘have a go’ yourself.

Swedish splicing fids – for 3 strand ropes

Splicing fids 3 strand










Hollow FID set – for braided rope splicing

Splicing fids selma










Splicing Modern Ropes : A Practical Handbook

Splicing Modern Ropes