Constrictor® Textile Rope Clutches

Constrictor Rope Clutch

The Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch by Cousin Trestec has changed the view on rope clutches.
With a textile sock which closes like an octopus on the line. The rope runs freely through the sock in one direction but is gripped instantly when running out in the opposite direction.


Unlike conventional clutches the Constrictor® system does not crush the rope between two metal surfaces. Instead, the loaded rope is held securely in a textile sleeve, itself attached to a base unit. The rope runs freely through the sleeve in one direction, but is gripped instantly when running out in the opposite direction. This patented "constrictor effect", provides greater holding power as the load increases.

Lighter and stronger than conventional clutches.

- No abrasion or rupture. Fibre to fibre contact which is far less aggressive than traditional cams.

- Safely released under pressure. No need to put the load on a winch first. 

- Remote release system made possible by extending the Dyneema® controlled lanyard.

Three times lighter, twice the breaking load of conventional metal clutches, constrictor® opens a new era for sailing deck hardware for racing and also cruising.
Extremely simple and totally efficient, this system uses the principle of squeezing capacity offered by braided sleeves.
As the line comes under load it is instantly squeezed by the Aramid Technora® sock. The more the tension, the more it holds. The rope is not pressed between two metallic parts as with conventional clutches: It is not distorted, subject to wear or chafe.
It is released by simply retracting the sleeve, which is easy even under heavy load.

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Cousin Trestec is the leading French rope manufacturer for the yachting market. With over 160 years of experience including 50 years in yacht rope manufacturing, Cousin Trestec is well known in the marine trade. Our unique know-how, wide range of ultra-performance products complying with high-end quality and technical requirements, allow us to partner with the best sailors and the best racing teams.

The Constrictor

Rope Clutch