Ball Valve 1-1/2" BSP

Ball Valve 1-1/2" BSP

$55.00 $70.50

The Philmac blue handled ball valve has been servicing the Australian market for over 30 years. The distinctive blue easy grip handle is recognized in the market as the industry standard providing users with the confidence of a strong, reliable and robust product. Proudly made in Australia the Philmac blue handled ball valve is based on a simple on/off action and is quick and easy to install allowing the user full control of water distribution.

The handle is not only easy to operate but has a positive on/off action through 90˚. It is ergonomically designed to enable easy gripping

Materials: High quality injection moulded plastic bodies and components plus NBR O-rings and stainless steel screws means years of reliable operation.

Thread: BSP 1-1/2"
Length: 122mm
Height: 105mm including handle