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Deks Olje Matt Finish 1 1L

Deks Olje Matt Finish 1 1L

Deks Olje can be applied to both horizontal or vertical surfaces.
Saturates and protects all woods - Excellent penetration - non-film forming.
Replaces the natural oils lost from the wood - Transparent - Enhances the woods natural grain.
Deep penetrating - Easy maintenance - no sanding or stripping.
Used alone, gives a matt finish or overcoat with DEKS OLJE #2 for a high gloss finish.

For use on hardwoods and Tropical Timber : Oak, Chestnut, Teak, Mahogany etc. 
Softwoods : Pine, Spruce, Larch etc. 
Exterior : garden furniture, patios, walkways, boat decks, topsides on boats. 
Interior : flooring, paneling, stairs, doors, windows, door frames etc.