Dinghy Wheels - C Tug
Dinghy Wheels - C Tug

Dinghy Wheels - C Tug


- Rugged - Lightweight - Easily Removable.

C-TUG Dinghy Wheels are a lightweight and rugged option for transporting your dinghy up the beach, or down the boat ramp, avoiding having to carry the heavy load. Ideally suited for inflatable boat tenders or small lightweight aluminium boats.

Made in New Zealand
Easy installation & assembly
Lightweight & effective
10 inch puncture free wheels
Fibreglass reinforced UV resistant plastic
Wheels easily removed when stowing dinghy
Easy lock and unlock feature
Multiple wheel positions

What You Get
10 inch puncture free wheels
Lightweight 4kg (9lbs) per pair
Supplied with stainless steel fasteners and axles
For use on boats up to 3.6m (12ft )
For use with outboards up to 15HP (2 stroke)or 9.9 HP (4 stroke)
Recommended working load up to 100kg (220lbs)
Recommended maximum static load 120kg (260lbs)(Load rating varies on different surfaces)
May not suit all transom configurations

Construction Materials
- UV stabilised fibreglass reinforced plastic
- Stainless steel axles & fasteners
- UV stabilised TPE Rubber