Floating Phone Dry Case IXP8

Floating Phone Dry Case IXP8


Waterproof & floating resealable bag for mobile phones!
Suitable for I phones & Android phones up to 6.5" displays

Dimensions: 18cm H x 10.5cm W

Notice of Use:

Check the case and accessories (especially the clip) for any damage before use
Do not expose this case directly in sunlight for long periods
Sudden temperature changes may cause humidity to accumulate inside the case. Open the bag and let it dry out completely
Ensure to clean the case of sand, mud, or other residue as it may affect the seal
Do not use in water above 30 degrees Celsius

It is recommended that the user should conduct a small in-water test before use by putting dry paper cloth inside the bag. Soak and shake the bag in water for at least 3 minutes. Wipe the water and check for paper cloth for moisture or leakage. We do not hold responsibility for any misconduct that occurs. We cannot guarantee the case against accidental damage (they're tough but they can be punctured). We recommend that you have insurance covers the contents. When opened remember to wipe up water after use and lay the bag downside to prevent water dribbling in.