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Grunt Supawax
Grunt Supawax

Polish - Grunt Supawax 1ltr


Grunt SUPAWAX - Polish 1ltr. NZ made. 

Protects fibreglass gelcoat and enamel from damage by the hot summer sun, rains, salt water, dirt and grime, and provides a superlative shine for up to 6 months. Just wipe on SUPAWAX with a damp cloth right around your boat or car in one application, then simply polish off with a soft, clean rag.

SUPAWAX will help protect the finish against U.V rays from the sun, dirt, grime, droppings etc giving an unmatched wax shine. SUPAWAX will also help protect your boat against chalking, marine growths, and waterline scum. SUPAWAX can be applied in direct sunlight.

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