Ronstan RF8095-11	Alloy Fairlead Through Deck

Ronstan RF8095-11 Alloy Fairlead Through Deck


RF8095-11 Rope Glide Fairlead Through Deck.

Also known as a through deck fairlead or bush, rope guide and thru-deck bush.

Flanged deck bushes feature a wider surface area for more protection and two fixing holes. This style of bush allows for a simple installation.

Typically used to guide a rope or wire through a surface whilst protecting both the rope and the surface from wear.

To install, simply drill a hole to match the external diameter of the bush and then push the bush into the hole. Use two screws or bolts to hold this style of bush in place.

Provide chafe protection where lines pass through decks, bulkheads or spars.

A 11 mm
B 7 mm
C 33 mm
D 22 mm
E 4 mm
Weight 11 g