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Safety In Small Craft By Mike Scanlan

Safety In Small Craft By Mike Scanlan


By Mike Scanlan, Pbk, 185mm x 240mm, 166 pages, colour and monochrome photographs and drawings, and tables.

Not only is this the recognised textbook for the New Zealand Coastguard Boating Education Boatmaster certificate course, it is written for all small boat owners that venture out to sea. It is an indispensable manual covering all aspects of safety and seamanship, with comprehensive chapters on navigation, fire fighting, meteorology, ropework, boat stability and handling, rules of the road, communications, distress messages, and sea survival. The latest edition is improved in two major ways. Firstly the narrative has been expanded to cover an increased exam syllabus and also much useful boating information beyond the exam needs; thus it becomes a greater asset as a general boating handbook. Secondly there are many new illustrations both as full colour and monochrome drawings and photographs. These add greatly to the appeal and the quality of the explanations. The primary (and only) criticism of the pre-2002 edition was that it was a somewhat bland examination textbook that lacked depth and a certain relevance to boating in New Zealand in some areas. The 2002 edition moves firmly into the role of a comprehensive, general New Zealand boating handbook.

The essential reference and educational guide for all New Zealanders who go to sea in all types of boats and watercraft
Covers navigation, fire fighting, ropework, boat stability and handling, communications, distress messages and sea survival