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SAILING IN A VOLCANO - 100 Years of Club Sailing from Lyttelton

SAILING IN A VOLCANO - 100 Years of Club Sailing from Lyttelton


“Sailing in a Volcano” records the history of three phases of the Naval Point Club Lyttelton (NPCL) from its roots in the Canterbury Yacht Club from 1886 until WWI; through its more formal iteration for 80 years as the Canterbury Yacht & Motor Boat Club from 1921; and, since 2001, emerging as the Naval Point Club Lyttelton, embracing its amalgamation with the Banks Peninsula Cruising Club and welcoming a wider range of club-based water activities.
This book also records the achievements of Club members of outstanding ability who have brought honour, not only to Canterbury, but also to New Zealand. Many national, Olympic and world champions have learnt their craft sailing from Lyttelton including New Zealand’s first Olympic sailing gold medalists Peter Mander and Jack Cropp, and OK dinghy world champion and TV personality Peter Lester. The stories of twenty Club champions are told in this book.
No club can exist without commitment from families. NPCL is no exception, and this book celebrates the stories of a dozen families, many based in Lyttelton, who have had three or more generations of their family sail as members or serve the Club in some other capacity.

This book has limited copies printed.