Rigging Screws - Closed Body Turnbuckles - Eye-Eye
Turnbuckle Rigging Screw

Rigging Screws - Closed Body Turnbuckles - Eye-Eye


NZ Made genuine rigging screw, Threads are UNF (Unified National Fine), short pitch threads for fine adjustment and reduced adjustment effort.

Easier to adjust than conventional stainless steel turnbuckles due to fine thread. Use of dissimilar but compatible metals avoids the risk of thread seizure. Locking nuts top and bottom.

Stainless Steel Threaded Eyes with Chrome Plated Bronze barrel.

Sizes from drop down menu

Closed Body Turnbuckle, Eye-Eye, 1/4" Body, 1/4" Pin - Length 157-228mm Breakload 1500kg

Closed Body Turnbuckle, Eye-Eye, 5/16" Body, 5/16" Pin - Length 172-247mm Breakload 2300kg

Closed Body Turnbuckle, Eye-Eye, 3/8" Body, 3/8" Pin - Length 195-285mm Breakload 4000kg

Closed Body Turnbuckle, Eye-Eye, 1/2" Body, 1/2" Pin - Length 240-331mm Breakload 6800kg