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Connex Switch Panel 4-Way BackLit Waterproof

Connex Switch Panel 4-Way BackLit Waterproof


Connex has a unique range of switch panels proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Our fused and backlit panels are functionally designed to be reliable, easy to use and take up less space than competitor products. The LED fuse failure indicator tells you if there is an issue and the removable face plate makes it easy to change the fuse from the front of the panel.

• Soft green backlit labels to identify switch functions
• Clip on nylon cover conceals and protects fuses and screws
• One piece back plate and rubber switch boots ensure water resistance
• Red LED light indicate switch operation (on) and fuse blown
• Fuse failure indication
• Switch rated to 15amps/12 volts
• Self-adhesive label set with operating functions, fuses and stainless steel fixing screws supplied
• Lifetime warranty
• IP65
• CE and RoHS