Ronstan Regatta Smock Top - CL810 Large

Ronstan Regatta Smock Top - CL810 Large

$258.60 $265.49

Ronstan Regatta Dinghy Smock - Extreme Waterproof Capability and improved and highly waterproof R-Tech10 fabric

High-Ingress Protection - Front neck opening with internal gusset and neck closure tab keeps water out and wearer dry
Breathable Comfort - Triple layered fabric with taped inner shell provides wearer with a comfortable, breathable fit
Snug-Flex Fit-Neoprene waist band, stretch cuffs and neck seals with hook-and-loop adjustments, ensures a warm, snug fit and the non-slip finish reduces ride-up

The Regatta Smock's premium technical fabrics, practical design and smart-fit features meet the demands of today’s casual and competitive sailors alike. Layered in combination with the Ronstan Thermal Top or Ronstan Rashie and you’re set for whatever the day throws at you

Designed to be worn under PFD, the athletic cut makes for a closer fit, while still providing freedom of movement and zipped pockets are accessible with, or without a PFD on

Side access breast pocket with water resistant zip provides easy access; even when wearing a PFD

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