Grunt Emer-gel
Grunt Emer-gel


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GRUNT Emergel 500ml or 1ltr. 

Rust, Stain and Oxidation Remover. 

Removes heavy weathering and oxidation, rust and other stains from fibreglass gelcoat, lacquer and enamel surfaces quick as a flash. Although EMERGEL was first used on boats, it is very suitable for removing rust stains and heavy weathering from cars, caravans, motorhomes etc EMERGEL has countless uses around home or work..

EMERGEL is a unique product in a gel form that can be applied safely to any flat, curved or vertical surface. It will rapidly remove rust stains, ball point, pencil stains and many other types of stains from fabric, metal, masonry, porcelain, enamel, fibreglass and wood without affecting fast dyes and paint pigments. Rust and water stains on sails, carpet, clothes, sinks, benches, baths, showers and appliances can all be cleaned with EMERGEL

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