Little Grippa Bungy 2 pack
Little Grippa Bungy 2 pack

Little Grippa Bungy 2 pack


Their slogan says it all really....."Whether you’re tying things up or strapping things down - when you feel it bite, you’ve got it right."

Whatever you’re about Little Grippa is the product for you. It’s got so many uses even we haven’t found them all yet.

The trick is the loop and lock technique - loop it, lock it, leave it, love it!

Safe, fast and easy to use - Little Grippas are fully adjustable cords and allow for quick release when needed. Our customers are loving these - on the bike, on the trailer, around the rolled up camping mattress, great for tents, marquees, banners, sail ties on the boat , on the beehive, in the car, around the Christmas Tree, on the farm....

8mm Blue Bungy x 1 Metre long
2 pack

Premium quality, long lasting,
UV & wear resistant Bungy
Will retain 100% stretch & recovery