Norski Epoxy Filler - Natural

Norski Epoxy Filler - Natural


A smooth paste like filler that can be left as a finish or painted over.
Formulated to fill even large holes or cracks in one application without sagging.
Can be used on all surfaces and has exceptional strength and adhesion.

Non-shrinking. Ideal for Gelcoat repairs. 

Colour: Natural (tintable) or White coloured. 
Mixing ratio 2: 1.

250ml + 125ml Kit

500ml + 250ml Kit

Plugging and filling severe holes in timber hulls, forming radius fillets, as an adhesive filler where large gap filling is required - bonding ceramic tiles - repair of GRP hulls - spot filling timber and metal prior to painting. Cured product has exceptional sandability, producing a very fine smooth surface finish.