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Ronstan Race Timer - RF4050

Ronstan Race Timer - RF4050

$150.00 $192.00

RF4050 Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer 

The Ronstan Race Timer has been a favorite for many sailors over the years, this latest model has a nice soft wrist band and with large numbers which can be quickly viewed at a glance without taking your hand off the helm, The Race Timer presents huge 16mm numbers that can be easily viewed by the crew when mounted to the boom or mast base.

The handy SYNC function, you can quickly and easily resynchronise the ClearStart to the official race time. A simple press of a button allows you to drop down to the next minute, allowing you to get your starting sequence back in perfect SYNC at the next opportunity.
Specialist RACE MODE Features including:
Multiple Start Sequence options - World Sailing 5,4,1,0, Match Racing,
SYNChronisation function - resynchronise if you start the count down early or late.
Loud intuitive count down and start sound signals
Count down repeat or count down and up options (for elapsed race time).
Separate fast access Race and Time mode scrolling
Water resistant to 5 ATM (50m/150ft)
Time, hours/minutes/seconds - 12 or 24hr format
Daily alarm
Chronograph - Including hours and time of the day
Luminescent backlight
Battery saving mode - light can be turned off
Shock resistant.