Ronstan Cheek Block - RF45151

Ronstan 40mm Cheek Block - RF45151


Ronstan Orbit Blocks are the highest working load in its class. 
The unique orbital design allows the bearing to only be in the active areas of the floating sheave. This minimises the mass of the inactive return race and hub.


Ultra Lightweight. 
Low friction 2-stage Orbital ball bearing system. 
Highest working load in its class. 
Low profile and compact. 
High performance cleating. 

Mainsheet systems or spinnaker sheet on dinghies to 5m (16ft). 
Spinnaker sheets on dinghies, sportsboats and small keel boats to 5m (16ft). 
Halyard, vang and backstay applications on boats to 8m (26ft). 
Control line applications on larger yachts. 

Ball Bearings - High compression stregnth carbon black Acetal.
Stage 2 Bearing - Glass fibre reinforced, MoS2 impregnated Nylon
Frame/Cheeks - Toughened, glass fibre reinforced Nylon
Sheave - Carbon fibre reinforced, PTFE impreganated Nylon

Max. Rope Ø (mm): 9
Sheave Ø (mm): 40
B. L. (kg): 700
M.W.L. (kg): 325
Weight (g): 32