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Ronstan Medium alloy cleat - RF5510R
Ronstan Medium alloy cleat - RF5510R

Ronstan Medium alloy cleat - RF5510R


Ronstan's Alloy Cam Cleat is Engineered for Performance. RF5510R

Aluminum cam models built for ultimate durability where high wear and high loads are encountered. Cams are hot-forged and hard anodised for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. 

Unique Teeth and Entry Profiles
Low effort line entry and exit due to unique teeth and entry geometry.

A comprehensive range of specialist cleat accessories allow customisation of the cleat set-up to optimise performance by controlling inward lead, outward lead, cleating and uncleating angle and height.

Superior resistance to sand and salt
Multi-coil spring generates near constant torque easy entry/release and secure cleating of even the smallest diameter lines
Suitable for addition to swivel cleat bases for control lines and sheets

Rope Ø (mm): 3-12
Fastener Ø (mm): M5
Fastener Hole Centres (mm): 38
Height (mm): 26
Length (mm): 66
B. L. (kg): 250
M.W.L. (kg): 125
Weight (g): 70
Width (mm): 31

Full range of accessories available.