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Ronstan Series 40 Orbit - RF48151 - Cheek block

Ronstan Series 40 Orbit - RF48151 - Cheek block


The new Series 40 Orbit Blocks™ RF48151 Cheek Block

These blocks are lightweight, yet strong. Toughened, glass fibre reinforced nylon replaces stainless steel straps used in traditional utility blocks. Low profile and compact.

These blocks incorporate a 2-stage bearing system using ball bearings to minimise friction and a secondary full-contact bearing to maintain low friction across the full working load range. Class leading dynamic and static load ratings.

Sheave Ø 40 mm
Max. Rope Ø 10 mm
Max. Cable Ø mm
Pin Ø - mm
M.W.L. 400 kg
B. L. 800 kg
Weight 33 g