Rope Clutch -Single Rutgerson RC750X

Rope Clutch -Single Rutgerson RC750X


Rutgerson’s strong and reliable rope clutch RC75 is now available The RC750X is optimized for 8-12mm lines, 

These clutches hold your lines firmly yet permit quick and easy adjustment whenever needed. You will also notice that line handling is much easier with the RC750 than other clutches. The main reason for this is an integrated low-friction sheave which allows your lines to run smoothly and protect them from wear.

The housing is made of a highstrength composite, and the mounting plate and the cam are made of anodized aluminum.


Height 70mm
Width 39mm 
Length 139mm 
Hole spacings 79mm M6 
Rope size 8 - 12mm 
Max Holding 750kg