Sail and Rig- The tuning Guide by Magne Klann & Øyvind Bordal

Sail and Rig- The tuning Guide by Magne Klann & Øyvind Bordal


The complete guide on how to trim sails and tune rigging for all conditions to make the boat sail faster and safer. A well-trimmed sailing boat is not only faster – it heels less, balances better and is more comfortable.  Wear and load is reduced and expensive gear lasts longer.  The risk of damage or rig failure is significantly lower when you know how to take care of your rig and sails.


This book provides a clear understanding of the dynamics of rig and sail and how to get them working together in harmony with the elements. 


With hundreds of colour photographs and illustrations throughout, the text is concise and precise, divided into sections to make it easy to find exactly what you need. Research was carried out with professional riggers, sailmakers and international elite sailors as consultants, resulting in a book that should be part of every sailor’s basic kit.


This book appeals to every level of sailor – those with limited experience will find much to learn and the experienced sailor can develop competence and knowledge as the different aspects of trim are treated in depth.

by Magne Klann & Øyvind Bordal

Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 136 colour photos, 122 diagrams
Size: 240 x 172 mm
Published: January 2018