Sail Batten Tapered
Sail Batten Tapered

Sail Batten Tapered


Shaped Fibreglass Sail Batten - Tapered

Profile - Elongated Hexagon Shaped with computerised taper one end.

New Zealand Made. 

Priced per length.

Measurements for each size profile - choose length and size from drop-down menu

#1 - 10mm x 3mm, tapered to 10mm x 1mm
#2 - 12mm x 4mm, tapered to 12mm x 1.5mm
#3 - 14mm x 5mm, tapered to 14mm x 2mm
#4 - 16mm x 6mm, tapered to 16mm x 2.2mm
#5 - 20mm x 8mm, tapered to 20mm x 2.5mm
#6 - 29mm x 10mm, tapered to 29mm x 3mm

Plastic Batten ends to suit shape available.