Silva 85 Compass
Silva 85 Compass

Silva 85 Compass


The Silva 85 compass is a stable compass for small, fast boats. It has a memory ring for setting the desired course.

Clear scales and quick readability make this compass perfect for navigating in high speed. The flat-bottom design enables flush installation without making large holes in the boat. A common configuration is two 85 compasses, one on each rail. This enables you to move around more freely in the boat.

Thanks to the excellent dampening of the compass card, 85 is suitable for high speeds and rough conditions.

Apparent card diameter - 85mm

For use on Powerboats and Sailboats

Dimensions  - 67x120mm

Gimballed cradle  -No

Heeling angle  - Roll: 30° Pitch: 30°

Material - ABS, Acrylic

Mounting angle - -20° to +20°