Splicing Companion

Splicing Companion


By Gareth Lincoln. Spiral Binding, 0.06kg, 80mm x 220mm, 24 pages, 100 colour photgraphs. Published 2020.

The nature of Modern braided ropes requires different techniques to join them together or make eyes to attach to fittings. This slim volume provides a guide to the different types of braided ropes – where to use them and how to splice them for typical uses on a racing sailboat.

It provides clear easy-to-follow photographs and is splash-proof and spiral bound, which means that it is perfect to take into the dinghy park or onboard and use where you need to do your splicing. The Spiral binding format means that it lays out flat, so you don’t have to hold it open as you follow the sequences with ropes in your hand.
Contents include:

Brummel Splice
Single End Eye Splice
Adjustable Eye Splice
Soft Shackle
and many more