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The rules in Practice 2021-2024  By Bryan Willis.
Full colour illustrations.
Published 2020
The Racing Rules Bible, completely updated for the latest Racing Rules of Sailing.
This is the essential guide for the Racing sailor.

A proper understanding of the racing rules is crucial to success on the water and there is no better guide to the latest rules than Bryan Willis. Bryan has been chairman of the jury and chief umpire for some of the most prestigious sailing events in the world, including the America's Cup and Olympics. He has served on International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules Committee for over 25 years. Who better to explain how to put the rules into practice? Sailors are taken through a wide range of scenarios with a clear explanation of what rule applies and how it should be interpreted. Colour diagrams make everything crystal clear. As well as going through the latest rules changes, Bryan also guides you through the knowledge needed to come out at the front of the fleet at every stage of the race and every mark. An appendix includes the rules in full, making this an essential reference as well as an invaluable guide.