Trailer yacht centreboard winch rope

Trailer yacht centreboard winch rope


Replacement winch rope for Noelex 25

Made from 6mm Dyneema DynIce 75 (4000kg BL)

2000mm finished length with a spliced stainless steel thimble eye one end.

Custom made sizes and lengths can be made to order. Please contact us.

Synthetic fibre ropes can develop a fluffy surface texture during ordinary use. This is normal and does not have noticeable impact on abrasion resistance.
Where there is a risk of abrasion damage, ropes should be fitted with a protective sleeve.
Avoid pulling the rope over sharp or exposed edges and rough surfaces.

Ensure an even alignment of rope on winch drum.
Avoid loose winding of rope on winch drum as successive layers can bury and cause rope blockage in the event of high pulling force.
Ensure inside flange surface of winch drum is clean and free from sharp edges or rust as this can cause rope damage.

Do not continue to use rope if there is any evidence of the following:
1. Cut or stretched rope strands
2. Excessive abrasion of rope strands
3. Melted or glazed areas on rope
4. Discolouration of rope or rope fibres
5. Compression damage to rope
6. Damage or pulled strands in rope splices