TruDesign Aquavalve (Y valve with tails)
TruDesign Aquavalve (Y valve with tails)

TruDesign Aquavalve (Y valve with tails)

$110.00 $149.97
The TruDesign Aquavalve (Y valve) is designed and made in New Zealand, and considered the most versatile Y-valve on the market today.

Legislation in many countries dictates the use of holding tanks near shore, or in defined areas. By installing a diverting valve (Y Valve), the user has the choice to divert black water to a holding tank or directly overboard when circumstances allow.

Manufactured from a glass reinforced nylon composite - High strength and light weight.
Stainless steel fasteners - Will not corrode in salt laden air.
Handle position lockable - Legislation in some regions require the overboard discharge handle to be locked into the holding tank position when in ‘no discharge’ zones
Pressure tested - All valves are pressure tested to ensure quality and safety in respect to sealing and operation.
Silicon seal - The Aquavalve® is the only valve on the market today with smooth movement and an excellent seal with good wear resistance.

Fascia plate on standard model can be removed to reveal simple “open - open - inlet” labeling - Where product is not used for marine toilets, all toilet references are removed.
Large operating temperature range - Suitable for all marine environments, from -40°C to +110°C
Note bulkhead hole diameter for Aquavalve through Bulkhead is 49.0mm

Composite spanner included - Avoids using pipe wrenches that gouge the fitting, and facilitates access in tight places.