West System Powders - 413 Adhesive filler Blend

West System Powders - 413 Adhesive filler Blend


West System - 413 Adhesive Microfibre Blend. 
As part of the west system range of specially formulated epoxy resin series, which finds wide use in timber and composite boat construction and general laminating. It is commonly used with powder fillers to form high strength structural adhesives and low density easily machined fillers, in this manner offering great versatility.

A blended general purpose glue-thickener with excellent resin extension and gap filling properties. Contains micro fibres to reduce crack propagation in the glue joint. It has largely replaced pure Colloidal Silica and pure Microfibre as thickening agents for WEST SYSTEM liquid resins. Epoxy thickened with microfibers has good gap-filling qualities while retaining excellent wetting/penetrating capability.
413 is used as a thickening additive that builds volume quickly and blends easily to create a multipurpose adhesive for many composite structures including bonding wood. Cures to an off white colour. 

Was formally known as 403 glue powder.

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